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For September I would like to warmly commend the excellent The Old St George's: A History of the Church and Parish of Waterlooville 1831-1970 by our own John Symonds to you.

If you have not already purchased a copy do please seriously consider adding this to your library. It really is well worth the money. John has undertaken some incredible research to attain such an interesting and informed Book packed with facts and anecdotes.

John takes us right back to the beginning when Waterlooville was part of the Royal Forest of Bere, to the establishment of the small community and their desire to build a Church. The old St George's was built at a cost of between £1,400-£1,500. The main subscribers are listed in the Book which include John Spice Hulbert and the Rector of Farlington.

I liked the bus conductor's true story of how on 'bus days' he walked from Southsea to Waterlooville to pick up 'his' bus and then back again at the end of the day, after putting the bus away. For this he was paid an extra shilling.

The accounts are always fascinating and those prepared in 1854/55 revealed that the Reverend Thomas Macnarmara received a stipend of £75 15s 6d. A Mr Anderson received two shillings for sweeping the snow away and so too did some men for destroying wasps.

In July 1899 voluntary contributions and almsgiving came to about £140. The sum of £18 3s 8d was sent to the Church Missionary Society, £1 6s 0d to the Waterlooville Church of England Temperance Society and £12 6s 6d to the Coal Club amongst others.

Other facts include the setting up of the first PCC in March 1923. The first Churchwardens were The Messrs Edward Francis and Walter Hulbert.

The book is peppered with interesting black and white photos. (One of my favourites is the picture of the Junior Choir taken in 1952).

The Old St George's - A History of the Church and parish of Waterlooville, 1831-1970 by John Symonds. £6. Available from the Bookstall, and from the Vicar.

Lynn Winter

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