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Autumn 2021 issue

Book Corner

Given that Advent is just peering over the horizon, I am pleased to present a selection of suggested titles for personal reflection or giving for the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

Advent Is For Everyone; A Journey through Luke by Tom Wright

Join Tom Wright on a journey through Luke, as he explores the Gospel themes of faith, repentance, justice and celebration. Within each of these themes, Wright offers daily readings and meditations for a week, beginning with the Sunday reading in the Revised Common Lectionary, and ending with stimulating questions for personal questions or group discussion.

REF 2277 (SPCK) RRP £8.99 ASLAN £5.99

The Word Was God; Short Reflections For Advent by Andy John

A gentle way to walk through the busy days leading to Christmas, with encouragement to slow down and savour the words of one of the best loved seasonal Bible readings. Refreshment for heart and soul, and inspiration for sharing the good news of Jesus’ birth.  

REF 5077 (BRF)  RRP £6.99 ASLAN £5.25

The Whole Christmas Story; An Advent Adventure Through Genesis, Revelation, and Points in Between by Jo Swinney

The Christmas season with all its glitter and promise can throw our brokenness into stark relief. And our pain is not soothed by the over consumption of mulled wine and cheese or another set of over packed toiletries. Advent offers us the chance to come again to the manger, to sit and wonder at the birth of God’s Son Jesus, and to receive His gift of shalom – wholeness, healing and peace.

REF 5233 (BRF)  RRP  £8.99 ASLAN £7.49

Humbug and Happiness by Sheila Jacobs

An Advent course based on the Alastair Sim film ‘A Christmas Carol’. Each session includes timing references for watching scenes from the film, and questions for reflection for groups, activities and prayers.

REF 2898 (DLT) RRP £6.99 ASLAN £5.99

Jenny The Shy Angel by Anne Booth and Ruth Hearson.  (Ages 3 – 5)

“You know I love you, God”, she prays.  “I want to praise you too, but when there’s lots of noise about I don’t know what to do”.  Jenny is a shy angel who doesn’t like lots of noise and rushing about. When the other angels ask her to go with them to see the newborn baby king, she decides to stay behind.

In the quiet night, she learns about love and nature, and that being shy doesn’t matter because silent moments are special too.

REF 2410 (LION) RRP £7.99 ASLAN £6.49

Bobby Dean Saves Christmas by Aled Jones.  (Ages 5 – 8)

Sent off to school for the first time in his life, nine year old Bobby Dean is busy making new friends, learning lines for the Nativity Play, and trying to not laugh at the Headteacher’s terrible jokes. But then Bobby Dean discovers that when he signs magical things can happen! From rescuing kidnapped dogs, helping Santa and even travelling back in time – Bobby Dean’s first term is going to be one full of wonder, adventure and the magic of song!

Bobby Dean’s Saves Christmas is a magical and fun packed adventure for children, highlighting the importance of friendship, loyalty, accepting differences and, above all, being yourself.  Perfect to be read aloud or for children to read alone.  


RRP  £8.99 ASLAN £7.49

The Promise and the Light:  A Christmas Retelling by Katy Morgan (Ages 8 – 12)

What if an Angel visited you one night that told you that you were to give birth to the Son of God?  How would you feel? What might you think?

Written as a series of vivid and dramatic first person accounts, The Promise and the Light tells the story of Mary, Joseph and Zechariah as they experience the events of the first Christmas.  Written in an engaging and lively style, this imaginative yet biblically faithful book will captivate children aged 8 – 12.

Readers will be able to get inside the hearts and minds of some of the key players of the Christmas Story and will appreciate the power and excitement of what happened and why it is so amazing for us today.  With 25 chapters, readers may choose to read a chapter a day during Advent.


Wishing you all a special and meaningful Advent.

All suggestions taken from the Advent Edition of Aslan Christian Books.  It is worth perusing their website for a huge selection of books, Bibles and gifts.  Aslanchristianbooks.com or phone 01373 823451.   Alternatively, I can order for you.      

Lynn Winter