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Summer 2024 issue

Horndean Amateur Theatre:  “Harvey”

On 16th, 17th and 18th May, Horndean Amateur Theatre performed the comedy play “Harvey”, by Mary Chase, at St George’s Church Hall.

Has anyone seen Harvey? He’s fluffy and he’s white.
At six foot tall, a rabbit, can hardly hide from sight.
To everyone, invisible, excepting to his friend.
To gentle, kindly, Elwood, his friendship did extend.
But Elwood’s sister, Veta, is at her tether’s end.
His mystifying antics her dignity offend.
Embarrassment in public, to others there must be,
Conversing with a rabbit that no-one else can see.
His sister is most adamant, “That rabbit has to go.”
Her brother must be cured of this, and so her tale of woe
She takes to Chumley Clinic, but being in a state
Is thought to be the patient, gets admitted by mistake.
Eventually it’s sorted, recriminations due.
And Veta is determined the clinic she will sue.
But suddenly they notice that Elwood’s not around.
He and his friendly rabbit seem to have gone to ground.
The local bars contacted, he frequents quite a few.
As everybody knows him, enquiries there ensue.
But no one need have worried, (his absence raised alarm).
For Elwood and his rabbit don’t come to any harm.
Eventually returning, the doctors then suggest
A mind changing injection will “kill” the “rodent” pest.

With timely information his sister intervenes
For Elwood’s nature will be changed by this, for worse, it seems.
A “happy every after” for Elwood and his friend.
And here with thanks to all concerned
My rhymed review will end.